“After my stay in a residential rehab I was looking for a place to transition into main stream life. I stop_underwas scared and unsure of how to do it and worried that I was going to use again as soon as I left the rehab. I wanted to have as much support as I could but didn’t know how to get the support outside of meetings. I heard about Sober Living Environments and was given Jay’s Sober Houses number. I called and went in for an interview. The guys there were all serious about their recovery and living normal lives, but with the support of each other. They went to meetings together and had a weekly house meeting where they could work out their issues. The house was roomy and the backyard was very nice. I shared a room with another man in recovery and we became good friends. I stayed at Jay’s House for 6 months and during that time I was able to find a job, continue closely working with my sponsor and start my life over again. The support of safety of the house was much needed and what I feel kept me sober and helped me transition into a sober and clean life.”  ~ Bob R.

“Jay’s House kept me clean and sober and accountable for myself and my actions. I learned to grow up and be a man.” ~ Ryan C.

“I came to Jay’s House after leaving a rehab facility with nowhere to go. Jay and everyone in the house took me “under their wing,” providing me with a way to access meetings, find a great sponsor, and work the 12 steps to the best of my ability. After 6 months, I moved out of Jay’s House and in to my first apartment as a sober individual. Although I have moved on from Jay’s house, I still have support and great advice from the sober living environment that kept me sober after leaving rehab.” ~ Christopher P.

“I have to admit, living with a group of men is not easy. It can be messy…but so is life. Figuring out how to handle and work with my situation by using the tools that are given to me in AA, helped me grow. You have to learn how to deal with what life gives you and a Sober Living Environment really gives you a lot of practice on patience, dealing with many types of individuals and finding out what makes you tick.” ~Andrew A.

“Happy New Year’s gentlemen! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special house and family. I value my time at Jay’s so much and just have the warmest feelings about my experience. I am just taking the next steps in my recovery and moving out on my own but I just can’t say enough nice things about everyone I have met and lived with through your organization. Thank you again and I will be keeping close. See you at the meetings for sure!” ~Darren K.

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