What is required at Sober Living Homes?open_minds

The residents have daily responsibly that they must attend to in order to maintain their resident status. Jay’s Sober Living Houses have a “house manager” that is responsible for the daily activities of the residents. These responsibilities include:

  • Abstinence from addictive drugs and alcohol
  • Making their own bed
  • Cooking their own meals
  • Assist in community chores (such as vacuuming, taking out the trash …etc.)
  • Set and work towards work and/or education goals
  • Accept direction from the house manager
  • Abide by curfew
  • Attend House Meetings
  • Attend 12 step meetings (usually minimum of 5 per week)
  • Work with a sponsor or counselor
  • Be actively involved in their own recovery
  • Pay their rent on time

Jay’s Sober Living Houses are independently owned and operated. Be sure to inquire about the rules and responsibilities of the residents before enrolling in any sober living home.

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