How it Works

simpleHow does a Jay’s SLE work?
Our residents share a number of responsibilities, but more importantly they provide emotional support and encouragement to each other. This caring attitude fosters inward strength so that after leaving a Jay’s Sober Living House, you are mentally and physically able to handle the inevitable stresses of everyday living without drugs and alcohol.

Is Jay’s SLE the same as a treatment program?
No. Therapy, treatment and formal counseling are not a part of our routine. Our approach succeeds because we encourage you to assume responsibility for yourself and for the group.

When do I enter Jay’s SLE?
Ideally you reserve a space in one of our Sober Living Houses while you are in treatment. You would enroll in Jay’s SLE during your final days and transfer immediately after discharge. Jay’s SLE is appropriate if you are serious about recovery, know what you need to do, and are looking for a safe, nurturing environment to focus on developing a foundation of permanent sobriety.

What is the cost?
Currently the costs start at $585.  All utilities are included, including; Internet (wireless), phone, Cable, house computer & fully stocked kitchen for meal preparation and dining.

What are the entry requirements?

  • A serious commitment to recovery
  • A sincere desire to become an active, supportive member of the group
  • Willingness to honor the Jay’s House Standards
  • Ability to pay the nominal residential fee
  • Minimum 30-day commitment
  • 18 years or older
  • 24 hours clean & sober

What do I bring?
Minimal personal belongings.

Can residents work?
Certainly! In fact, outside employment or school is encouraged. If not working we encourage looking for work, attending 12-step meetings and volunteering to stay busy.

Who manages the homes?
Each home is managed by a House Manager who is a resident with managerial capability and demonstrated recovery. They report directly to Jay who oversees all three Sober Houses.

What about relapse?
If a resident uses drugs or alcohol, he or she is immediately discharged. Reinstatement is determined on a case-by-case basis.

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